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About The Artist:

Alyssa Karlin is a Bay Area photographer, and recent graduate from San José State University. She obtained a BFA (Bachelors of Fine Art) in photography and graduated with honors. Alyssa’s work explores a range of concepts from her love of exploration to socio-political issues. Her work has been featured in the Pandemic Pandemonium showcase, where she won the visual arts category with her triptych, “Spread,” which showcases the anti mask movement in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on society. In recent months Alyssa had her first solo art exhibition, “Tribulations of Tourism,” which consists of a series of five diptychs of large tourist cities across the United States. The goal of this series is to raise awareness of the challenges faced by local communities in areas that are heavily reliant on tourism. 


Her current area of interest is issues in commercialized food, and food toxicity. She has created multiple works in different mediums to bring awareness to the harm of food additives on our mind and bodies. Her two multimedia pieces focusing on food additives and their toxicity, “The Happy World of Haribo,” and “Taste the Rainbow,” have been showcased in a small group exhibition curated by Lance Fung titled, “Beyond Words.”  She hopes to further expand this body of work, and is actively working on creating photo based projects of a similar nature. 

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